The Marai Photo Award 2019 Winners

The winner

Farshad Usyan

Title: The Pacifist

© Farshad Usyan

Peace does not only mean absence of war, it could also mean a safe environment, human dignity, right of education, right of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of sexuality.

2nd Prize

Hoshang Hashimi

Title: Afghan Life in the Middle of Conflict

© Hoshang Hashimi

Despite Afghanistan's struggle with war and conflict for over 40 years and the challenges of poverty, lack of proper education, drug addiction, insecurity, and infrastructure damage, life continues with its daily work, joys and dreams for the future.

3rd Prize

Mohammad Anwar Danishyar

Title: Bricks to Blackboards

© Mohammad Anwar Danishyar

A photo story about the hard labour carried out by families dependent on owners of open-air brick factories, with their children's classrooms set up in the middle.
Brick factories throughout Afghanistan are owned by rich, powerful people and warlords. The workers do 10 to 12-hour days - throughout the year, under the sun with temperatures reaching 48 degrees celsius in the summer as well as in cold winters without warming facilities. Payment is about 5 USD per 1000 handmade bricks, with production per person, per day averaging between 200 to 500 units.